Friday, May 15, 2009

Street Study: Divisadero

2.5 miles

38 blocks

Runs from Marina Blvd to Castro St

Bus lines:

24 (north/south)

6, 7, 71, 21, 31, 38, 2, 4, 1, 3, 41, 45, 28, 43, 76, 30 (east/west)

Zoning Patterns:

Castro to Haight (2 1/2 blocks): RH-3 [Residential Housing, 3 units per lot]

Haight to Sacramento (19 blocks): Neighborhood Commercial-2 [Small-Scale] with a 4 block patch of NC-3 [Moderate Scale] around Geary St. and a patch of RM-3 [Medium Density Residential, Mixed]

Sacramento to Lombard (11 blocks): Residential [RH-3, RH-2, RH-1, RH-1(D), RM-1, patches of RH-3, RM-2]

Lombard to Chestnut (2 blocks): Neighborhood Commercial [NC-2, NC-3]

Francisco to Marina (6 blocks): Residential [RH-3 with RM-3 at the corners, a block of P(ublic) between North Point and Beach, and a row of RH-1 facing the Bay]

[note: this will be the first of several "street studies." please comment with requests for the study of a particular street or further information that you would like to see included in each study.]

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